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We recommend regular dental examinations in order to prevent gum disease and tooth decay and also to spot early signs of oral cancer. Patients are given oral hygiene instruction and a thorough scale and polish. We also offer fissure sealants to our children patients to protect the biting surfaces of the molar teeth from decay.

General Treatments

Fillings, root treatments, crowns, bridges and dentures. We use an Intra Oral camera to help explain treatment.

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments include porcelain and composite veneers, crown , bridgework and tooth whitening. Before and after photos are taken.

Headaches, Migraines and Grinding

Most people grind and clench their teeth whilst asleep or concentrating. This can lead to worn unsightly teeth, broken and sensitive teeth, headaches and migraines. We can fit a small appliance to the front teeth to prevent this problem. This is called an NTI appliance. For more information visit headacheprevention.com

Nervous and Anxious Patients

If you are nervous and anxious we will take the time to find out what aspect of dental treatment you  have trouble with. If you have a severe dental phobia you can come in and discuss it and if necessary be referred to one of our recommended local hypnotherapists. We are often recommended by other nervous and anxious patients.

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