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Dear Patients,

The health, well being and safety of our patients, their families and our staff is our priority.
Following on from recommendations of the government and now our Chief dental Officer the advice is:

All routine, non-urgent dental care should be stopped and deferred until advised otherwise.

We are working through our diary and contacting patients to re book their appointments.
We have been advised to keep our doors locked so please call the practice on 0116 2541546.

We have established a remote urgent care service providing telephone triage for our patients with urgent needs during these unusual times. This is if you have:

severe pain, facial swelling, or have suffered a facial trauma.

Thank you for your understanding.


Taylor's Dental Practice is a friendly long established family practice and was set up by Arthur Clarence Taylor in 1923, followed by his two sons Philip and Cyril, and then by two grandsons, Nicholas and John. John Taylor's sister Mary and brother in law were both dentists in Sheffield.
Nicholas Taylor is now the principal and is assisted by his associates Sumit Chauhan and Roshni Patel.

New patients will be accepted on the NHS with Roshni when NHS funding is available, or can be seen privately. Please phone for a quote.

Students will be given a 10 % discount if seen privately.  We are happy to accept the children of new private patients on the NHS when funds are available. We also accept new patients under our Privilege Plan.

We have dental therapist and hygienist Anuradha Sridhar. She is able to help improve stained and discolored teeth through cleaning and tooth whitening.  She can provide regular cleaning and oral hygiene instruction to help you keep your teeth for life. Up to 80% of the population will probably get some periodontal disease, and 15-20% of people will lose a significant number of teeth if they do not receive treatment.
Anu is fully qualified to provide gentle and clinically trialed tooth whitening to improve your smile.

Our practice philosophy is to:

  • look after anxious patients
  • not rush you
  • explain your treatment
  • offer transparent fee structure and printed treatment plans
  • use quality materials 
  • provide treatment that's always in your best interests
  • provide dental care that lasts
Our practice was last inspected by the Care Quality Commission in February 2013.
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